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My Story in Short...

I started my career as an interior architect in 2013 and worked for 7 years as a manager and designer in a leading architecture & interior architecture company in Turkey. As a person who loves to work during this process, I experienced IBS_D (irritable bowel syndrome) because I could not manage stress, and I started experiencing anxiety disorder and panic attacks with the decrease in all my values.


It has grown to such a large size that I am unable to leave the house. As my environment could not understand this situation, I became more introverted and went through a serious depression. Then I realized that my life can't go like this,  I started looking for solutions to "get rid of" it :) and to continue my life as before.


Although I have not been to the doctor much since my childhood and do not use drugs, I went from doctor to doctor, I used whatever they gave me, I did what they said... but I could not make any progress. Then I decided to resort to alternative ways and changed my diet, changed my lifestyle, returned to myself, saw myself, worked with my consciousness, and as a result, I saw that everything that should happen is exactly as it should be, when it should be. This was my awakening. This was my awakening to the world reality.


As a result, my gain is; I saw that I was tearing myself apart to advance in an area of my life that I did not want to advance, just because I could do that job well, and I said stop;  I changed my job. And I dedicate myself to meeting the needs of those who pass my path.


Everything we experience has a meaning!  

What we see as setbacks are warning signs just to put us on the path of our destiny!

Healing and living yourself is entirely in your hands. I can help you with this. As someone who has been through this process, I can guide you to see yourself and experience what it's like to live yourself.

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Fairy Conemaker Star

Well-being expert & Wellness coach & Designer

See yourself, realize yourself, live yourself

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